Friday, September 24, 2010


In 1988, a teen murdered his family around midnight. Twenty years later, college student Nick is taking an abnormal psychology course where his professor, Professor Carpenter, gives a lecture on the 1988 case. Unfortunately, Nick and the rest of the class don't take the story seriously and try to compare real life murderers to the iconic horror slashers such as Michael Myers, Norman Bates, and Freddy Krueger. Professor Carpenter gets agitated by Nick's sarcasm and warns him that bad things will happen if he doesn't take psyche seriously. Nick shrugs it off and is planning to attend his buddy Steve's Spring Break rave before the students head off to Florida for two weeks. Nick's girlfriend Taylor however thinks that Steve is a dick and so Nick goes to her house that night to try to convince her to come with him to the rave. What Nick and Taylor don't know though is that the Phantom killer has escaped from Craven Asylum and has arrived in their hometown of Virginia. He slowly stalks the couple turning a night of harmless fun into a night of terror!
This is the first short film I ever did. It was a college film project that we had a lot of fun making. I plan to turn this eight minute short into a feature film. The feature film will be way different though and will revolve around more "Satanic Cult" meets "Teen Slasher" style. Plus, it will be done more professionally. But, for now, I hope you guys enjoy my first effort at no budget horror filmmaking!



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I really do enjoy this one.
Dreaded Dreams
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