Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shock Theatre: "HALLOWSCREAM"

Fred and Jason are best friends, but totally opposite people. Fred always seems to find himself in trouble. Jason however doesn't approve of Fred's mischief. On Halloween night, the two teens decide to trick or treat at the crazy neighbor Psycho Mike's creepy house. Jason gets angry at Fred and leaves. Fred sees a house that appears to be empty with a bowl of Halloween candy on the front porch and nobody around. While stealing some of the candy, Fred notices that the front door is wide open and decides to just walk in and see what he can take. What Fred doesn't know is that the residents of the house are not Human, but monsterous homicidal clowns that eat trick or treaters that just so happen to come to their home on All Hallow's Eve. The season of fear is back this Hallowscream!


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Trick or Treat Pete said...

That was great! Do I detect a bit of The Joker in The Jester? Awesome! That character was sooo well done, I think, one of the best character's to date in any of your films.
I love how you used the horror character names in this, very cleaver....I mean clever.
Let me just say, as a former Trick or Treater and now a Zom-Mom of a few Trick or Treating Zomblings, that I can not stand the whole bowl on candy on the front porch, I mean, seriously, does that ever work? Sure, one or two kids may go by the "honor" system, but sooner or later a kid is gonna dump that whole bowl into his bag.
I am soooo touched that you put me in the credits!! Thanks! Now stop "touching" me, there is such a thing as personal space you know >;)
Have a great Hallowscream!!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum