Sunday, November 27, 2011

Letter for you

An� spiritual hunger
Application form First name Surname Country City Age Height Weight Eyes Hair Color
0068228 Uliana Belyayeva Ukraine Belgorod 30 5'4" 107 lbs hazel blond
Her Type of Man: Character: Interests:
I am willing to find a confident, with the strong position in life, loyal, kind, cheerful man, with the great sense of humor, who would support me and defend. I am strong woman. Have got strong character I am not afraid to try something news. I am also interested in tourism, because I like discovering everything new in the world. I really like outdoor activities.
Lily of love, pure and inviolate!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Would you?

Happy women wants more happiness!
I hope to share this with my future man! Is that you?

I' m looking for someone who is generous, handsome, manly, with real feelings maybe a little romantic in certain circumstances, and realist.
Are you not perfect? Are you charming? Do you want to love and be loved? If yes call me.
What can I tell about myself? I'm a girl that is both attractive in body and soul.
I love the sea, winter, ships, sun, sport, my parents.
I have a great sense of humor. I know when to be serious and when to make a joke.

I'm just a woman who wants to find love

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do you have a wife?

Hello user

Personal page-8781584299: *

Last name: Sukhanova
First name: Alla
Age: 27(Gemini)
Height: 173 centmetres.
Weight: 57 kilograms.
Residence: Kirov, Ukraine
Eyes: hazel.
Hair Color: blond
Interests: I like dancing and go to disco clubs.

Best regards

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello pass-holder

ID-20992987358: .

Last name: Frolova
First name: Dasha
Age: 19(Gemini)
Height: 167 centmetres.
Weight: 58 kilograms.
Residence: Vologda, Russia
Eyes: black.
Hair Color: chestnut
Her Type of Man: But the most important for me is that he should be madly in love with me! I wish you to share with me more about what you are looking for�

Best regards

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Greeting the subscriber, "sikomike1987.disturbingent"

Profile First name Surname Country City Age Height Weight Eyes Hair Color
803528549 Lesya Kalinina Russia Kirov 28 5'9" 152 lbs blue blond
Her Type of Man: Character: Interests:
I'm looking for a man who will share his interests with me and will let me tell him about my interests. I am kind and sincere person, I have a good sense of humor, like people who always jolly and don't like boring people I like reading, I like to read history and about culture of the different countries. I am interested in our world.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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